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We at Hard Strips (India), ensure that the customers’ expectations are consistently met, and for that we maintain a rigid quality policy. Our quality control starts even before the processing of the material begins. It includes accurate selection of the raw material, preventive maintenance of plants and machinery, and hiring best talents. Throughout the production steps, the quality of each individual batch is documented, so as to ensure that it is in line with the binding standards.

Also, all our employees proactively participate in improving the production technologies and in engaging with the customers. This ensures that we continuously improve our products and service, and exceed our customers’ requirements.

The urge for Total Quality Control of our products has led us to follow the principle of continuous product improvement besides our standard production on high quality level. While maintaining the quality control for the spring steel strip produced at our units, it is ensured that the strips produced are with:

1) Exact dimensional stability and restricted tolerances.
2) Chemistry in confirmation with the requirements of the customer.
3) Cutting and edge formation in the best possible manner for consistent workability.
4) Good forming properties, close range of tensile strength.
5) Uniform tempering structure and best possible spring properties.
6) Uniform fine polished defect free surface.

Our ISO: 9001:2008 certification represents our on-going commitment of providing top quality products and services to our customers.