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Cold Rolled Steel Strips, also known as ‘Cold Rolled & Spheriodized Annealed Steel Strips’ are manufactured through Cold Rolling, which is a process through which the Hot Rolled steel strip after Pickling process is introduced between rollers by application of high pressure at temperature below the re-crystallization temperature. This method basically imparts :

1)  Smooth surface finish,
2)  Accurate thickness,
3)  Excellent straightness,
4) High tensile strength, yield strength and hardness with corresponding decrease in ductility.

Hence, selection of proper combination of steel composition, degree of cold working and heat treatment play a pivotal role in producing cold rolled strips.

The process of Cold Rolling might also involve annealing the steel coils as the cold rolled strips after exiting the mill are extremely hard and stiff, exhibiting greater amounts of spring back when bent and have very limited applications. The Annealed steel strips are ductile, soft, relieved from internal stresses and have a refined homogeneous structure. The steel strips are softened for further works such as shaping, stamping, or forming.

Our cold rolled spring steel strips are used for a large number of applications such as railways, defence, circlips and washers, cutting tools like hack saw blades, sheet metal, turned, & pressed components, etc.

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