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A good band saw is very useful for woodworking, metalworking, or for cutting any other material. Everyday, a wood cutting band saw is exposed to high fatigue stress and thermal stress created by friction, and the teeth are subjected to shock stress due to high speed cutting. The band saw steel blade should remain straight even if it is exposed to high and varying temperatures.

HSS® wood bandsaw high carbon steel strip manufactured by Hard Strips (India) has excellent combination of hardness, formability and flexibility, & cutting stability, due to which it is able to cut things neatly. Our bandsaw strips are also long lasting, as it is able to withstand the continuously changing strains and stresses, i.e. high fatigue resistance. Additionally, our bandsaw strips do not suffer from cracks while brazing, and has excellent machinability, blankability, & weldability. The camber and flatness of bandsaw steel manufactured by Hard Strips (India) is controlled in order to ensure a correct blade operation at reduced operating pressures.

Our wood bandsaw steel strips have the following special properties:

1) High purity in the steel
2) High fatigue and wear resistance
3) Good elasticity and resilience.
4) Excellent cutting stability
5) High degree of flatness & straightness
6) Tight dimensional tolerances.
7) Good blanking, machining, & welding properties.
8) High lifetime of the saw; thus better productivity.

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