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A driver never realises that how our spring steel plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and controlled driving experience for him/her. The diaphragm spring made from our spring steel is a flat disc that is compressed between the cover and pressure plate, and is responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch on being pushed by the release bearing.

When the driver presses the clutch pedal, the release system pushes the fork against the release bearing. This leads the clutch diaphragm spring to release the pressure plate clamp load on the disc. This further allows the crankshaft and flywheel to rotate at engine speed.

The diaphragm spring clutches made from our spring steel material maintain higher clamp load than lever style clutches throughout the life of the clutch. This clamp load increases initially as the disc friction material wears out, before settling to the original level. Also in case of diaphragm spring clutches, the pedal effort required to disengage the clutch decreases at the end of the pedal stroke, thus reducing the stress on the release system components.

Our spring steel strips are also used for manufacturing Drive straps. The drive straps are not only responsible for attaching the pressure plate to the clutch cover but also to lift the pressure plate away from the disc to disengage the clutch.

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